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About Us

The Green People is a community that is working towards a conceptually new blend of Eco-Tourism, Agro-Tourism and Rural-Tourism. Our efforts are driven towards economic development of rural India by offering the insight into the impact of human beings on the environment and thus bridging the gap between rural and urban India. Our beliefs are rooted in reviving old traditions of farming and associated practices. We wish to make the land of the Gods the heaven it was. We work towards letting the people of the hills stay and take up occupations that are gradually becoming redundant. Our desire is to promote development alongside ecologically responsible means.

We are a young organization run by spirited individuals who have come together for a common goal. We are from all walks of life and some of us are volunteering for the love of the hills. Our Agenda is to bring significant environmental, conservation, social and economic benefits to all sectors of the society.

The Goat Village, a bouquet of farm retreats and home stays managed by The Green People, is an initiative having multiple social dimensions. The Green People has partnered with locales across the state and managing them to create basic lifestyle experiences for visitors. Each cluster of these accommodation locations are engaged in Goat Farming and many other Agro practices to provide a better livelihood to the locals, and to give a firsthand experience to tourists in basics of Life Sciences.


The Goat Village, Nag Tibba

The Goat Village Nagtibba is a traditionally curated and crafted heaven in the hills of Garhwal. It has been set up at an elevation of approximately 2000 meters.

The Goat Village, Dayara Bugyal

An all Women team of Project Manager to the Farm Butlers (One of the rarest team of it’s kind across continents), the richest snow hub in the bouquet of The Goat village.


TGV Hideout, Kanatal is again a ‘no-road destination’ to have as less carbon footprint in our village retreats as possible.


The journey to TGV Hideout, Pangot, the newest in the series, takes you through the thick forested area of Cheena Peak Range and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary, surrounded by cascading streams.


Anjooth is an area of unique natural beauty, in the Uttarkashi district. Guests are invited to join the host, Mukesh Jagmohan Sign Chauhan and his family, at this TGV Hideout.


TGV Hideout, Kumali offers a chance to truly recluse oneself away from the noise and strains of the traditional tourist trail. Kumali is sparse: there are few houses, less than a dozen.


TGV Hideout Urgam Valley is a community initiative to connect travellers with local people. The project offers outsiders a unique opportunity for a cultural exchange renowned for its spiritual significance.


TGV Hideout, Azad Gaon/Freedom Village, Bastadi, Pithoragarh opens up it’s door for explorers, photographers & writers on Pay What You Like.

Guest Programs

Pay What You
Like (PWYL)

“Pay What You Like” invites travel and adventure enthusiast to visit, experience and evaluate the services at Green People Farm Retreats and home stays.

Be My Guest Manager

We give an opportunity to top end professionals to volunteer their services as a Manager while on a self actualization Tech Detox sabbatical for 1 to 3 months.

Volunteer Program

If you are an individual who is willing to get training, develop skills and serve community by willingly taking up responsibilities close to nature, then this is the program for you.

Partner with Us

Partnership with Locales

Partner as Home Stay Owner




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Contact Us

  • The Goat Village Nagtibba,
    Pantwadi Village, Nag Tibba, Garhwal 249186, India
  • Contact Number: +91-8476033336
  • For Reservations: thegoatvillages@gmail.com

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