TGV Hideout, Freedom Village Bastadi, Pithoragarh

TGV Hideout, Azad Gaon/Freedom Village, Bastadi, Pithoragarh opens up it's door for explorers, photographers & writers on Pay What You Like on this Republic Day. Pushkar Dutt Bhatt from Bastadi village in Pitthoragarh district completed his life sentence in jail and retuned home in August 2017 only to realize that the flash floods in July 2016 had driven out residents in is village…all of them…while 21 others perished. He is struggling to start his life afresh aged 52 after spending his youth in jail. Lack of community support is only making it harder for him as there is not a single other villager left in in his village to assist him in rebuilding his life.

More about this initiative...

The space

TGV Hideout, Freedom Village (Azaad Goan) is quite an old house made using ancient techniques. There are two rooms and a small kitchen. One room has one bed and the other connected room has two beds. There is a kitchen with chulha & basic utensils to cook a simple meal. There is a washing area outside the hideout. There is no electricity in this village & the only source of light is sun or moon and a few solar lamps. You need to hike for 1 km to reach Bastadi village.

Guest Interaction:

You can spend day time with Bhatt Ji on his tea stall in New Bastadi or live in the house by your own & enjoy the nearby surroundings.


Pay what you Like (PWYL):

Our culture had embraced “Atithi Devo Bhavah” in real terms when friends, families and sometimes perfect strangers used to visit our homes, enjoy non pretentious hospitality and give something heartfelt in some form or the other, as per one’s capacity - as a token of goodwill gesture. The culture is on the brink of extinction so are we as compassionate humans. With ‘Pay What You Like’, we are making a small but honest attempt to revive this practice in our village tourism destinations. You don’t ask us what you need to pay - you be our guest – Evaluate the degree of contentment you have achieved with the regional meals and then Pay What You Like; in the drop box with your name and feedback, in an envelope provided to you at the time of departure.

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How to Reach?

The Hideout is located in the Bastadi village in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. You need to hike around 1 km to reach the property.

By Air:Nearest Airport is Pithoragarh (located approx. 40 km from the property). Flights for Pithoragarh flies from Delhi & Dehradun as of now. You can contact a private cab/taxi in Pithoragarh to reach Bastadi or can contact us to connect you with a local driver.

By Railway::Most connected Rail Station is Kathgodam (located approx. 265 km from the property) and the nearest station is Tanakpur (180kms). To reach Bastadi, you can either hire a private taxi or take a shared taxi. Local transports are only available till 2 PM.

By Bus:You can take a bus to Nainital & then to Pitthoragarh. To reach Bastadi, you can either hire a private taxi or take a shared taxi. Local transports are only available till 2 PM.

Self-Drive: You can self-drive by following the Google Map location (Nainital – Pitthoragarh - Bastadi). The roads are in good condition with some patches of kutcha roads. Sometimes the roads are blocked for an hour or so for the construction of an all-weather road.


1) Clothing: April to Dec: Cottons with light woollens; Dec to March: Heavy woollens.

2) You need to trek for a km to reach the property. So pack light.

3) Carry your own towels, soaps and other toiletries.
4) Please carry a handy flashlight/torch with extra batteries as there is no power back-up.

5) You’ll be amidst wilderness while hiking or exploring around. Do carry insect-repellent ointments, oils or creams to stay protected from seasonal bugs.

6) Trekking shoes, water bottles.

Other Information:
Medical facilities are limited and located at a distance of 3Kms.
Avoid touching plants if you are not familiar with them. They may cause you skin allergies. Ask a local person.

We look forward to having you with us in the lost lands of the Himalayas. Please write to for any reservation related queries or call +91 8476033336.

We don't serve gourmet meals. We live and promote the philosophy of 'smart minimalism' and we are an 'absolute no', if you are seeking conventional hospitality.

We coexist with nature and these areas are prone to wild mammals, insects, and snakes so one needs to be careful and one is responsible for one’s own safety.

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